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Methandienone Alphabol

Methandienone – is generally known under the name Dianabol, which is the old trade name of the company Ciba for 5 mg tablets methandrostenolone. Hence, this is essentially a 17-alkylovaná derivative of testosterone with a double bond between the 1. and 2. carbon. Lead weakly to androgen receptors and therefore falls between the steroids and the so-called II. type. So, to compensate for this, however, the longer half-life and weak affinity for SHBG.

Injections Not  Used with Alphabol

Today, in the sheer majority of cases, produced in the orálnych (tablet) versions. Injecting is almost no longer used, because the Dianabol is in them even so, the 17-alkylated. Moreover, the market was inaugurated in 1958 and has always been one of the most popular steroids. In effect, it was the first steroid used by American athletes and was also the only known steroid in the united states up to 70. years. Also, In 1982, however, the company Ciba production has been stopped because it found that athletes are the only people who largely abuse.


However, because its patent on this substance has expired. It produces it today other business under other business names. Additionally, Dianabol is currently the medicine used to treat loss of appetite. And stimulation of muscle growth. The popularity of Dianabol stems from its almost immediate. And very strong anabolic effect. Moreso, this is by far the most popular steroid used by athletes. And many of them considered as the best steroid that was ever manufactured.

Moreover, Not for nothing, he was known as the “Breakfast of champions”. For high water retention agents clearly not a steroid suitable for drawing. However, it is excellent to gain strength and muscle mass in a volume cycle.  Probably second in this effect for Anadrolem, however, at a lesser incidence of side effects.


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