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Valium affects brain chemicals that may become unbalanced and may cause anxiety.

It is usually used to relieve anxiety, nervousness, and tension connected with anxiety disorders. It is also used to treat panic disorders and purposes other than those listed here.


Stop taking Valium and seek emergency medical help or contact your doctor right away in such cases as: sores in the mouth or throat,a rash, yellowing of the skin or eyes an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing, swelling of your lips, face, or tongue or hives, closing of your throat)

Illusion or severe confusion or changes in your vision. Less serious side effects may be often to occur. Continue taking Valium and talk to your doctor if you have got “vomiting” “nausea” “diarrhea” or “constipation” dry mouth depression (or “changes in behavior”) “drowsiness” “dizziness” or “clumsiness” “difficulty urinating” “vivid” “dreams” “headache” “decreased sex drive”. Other side effects may also occur. Tell your doctor about any side effect that seems unusual or that is bothersome.


  1. H. Peterson

    Great product. I take 2-3 for back spasms and chronic pain and/or as a sleep aid. Non habit forming, no side effects, no drug interactions. It’s a very mild supplement that just takes the edge off for me, helps me relax and turn my brain off so I can fall asleep. And the great thing is, they don’t actually make you drowsy! I’ve taken them at work on bad back days and they are safe to take while driving. They don’t make you sleepy, they just take the edge off with pain and spams and are calming when you ARE trying to sleep.Only con is they smell terrible! Lol! So swallow them quick and enjoy the benefits.

  2. Candace H

    Took this for TMJ and could not believe how effective it was at getting rid of the tension in my jaws. I used every day for a week and felt like it stopped the ongoing spams. Now I just use once daily if needed. It smells horrible, tastes floral, and is super effective at muscle relaxation! Great product that I highly recommend.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I already wrote a review on the 45 count of this but I had to write another. I love this so much it has literally changed my life. I have really bad anxiety and it was really interfering with my life, work, and personal relationships. I now am so much happier, mind is clear, and can now live my life. Still get anxious at times but not very often. (I was literally anxious 24/7 or majority of the time beforehand.) I didn’t want to try pharmaceuticals just yet- leaving that as my last resort. I wanted to try something natural and safe. It worked so well I ended up buying the 250 count. Thank you thank you thank you again for this. I can not tell you enough!

  4. AutumnGlow

    I was first introduced to this through my prolotherapy physician. One of his medical peers sold it when he was in town treating patients. He suggested I try it for muscle tightness due to tension. To be honest, Formula 303 has been one of the best “formulas” that helps with neck tension, anxiety, as well as sleep. I’ve made it a part of my bedtime regimen even though I take melatonin. There will be nights when outside environmental factors prevent me from falling asleep (and staying asleep). But when I began to take Formula 303 with the melatonin, it made a significant difference. Incidentally, fwiw, if you’ve not tried this and attempt to do so, don’t be surprised if when you open the bottle you find it to be a weeee a bit stinky — I think from the Valerian. But don’t let that deter you. It is still very worth it.

  5. Katherine

    For 9 months, I have been dealing with a chronic mysterious pain stemming from my upper back, between my shoulders. It seemed to sneak up on me in the night until I was finding myself waking up with searing pain. The weird thing was, I never felt a lick of pain in the day, but I would need to sleep on a full body pillow, with 7 other cushions, to contort my body just right to get any decent snoozing. Otherwise, if I got my pillows wrong the first time, I’d be up all night.Unfortunately, my night pain wasn’t getting any better. In fact, it was getting worse. I went to a chiropractor for months, spent hundreds of dollars on a nutritionist, and finally saw a doctor to get x-rays and possible treatment. No one could tell me what the heck was wrong with me. I was just prescribed pharmaceutical muscle relaxers and sent on my way.When my body finally found relief the night when I tried the relaxers… I knew I needed something to relieve my muscles naturally. That’s when I saw this product, and I have to say, that it has TRULY SAVED MY SANITY. For the first time in several months, I have been able to sleep through a night without pain in my back.This product holds no side effects for me. I take it 3 hours before bed and then once before I go to sleep to get me through the night. I’ve also taken it every 3 hours throughout the day and have found no side effects.Truly an amazing natural product.

  6. A Freese

    This is a fantastic product. My husband and I have been using these muscle relaxers for several years. I started looking for something after I hurt my back gardening. After hurting my back once, it became a recurring thing…. I had been to the doctor several times, always getting a prescription muscle relaxer. The prescription muscle relaxer completely wipes you out so that you can’t do anything but sleep. I needed something to take that would relax my muscles without putting me to sleep and this is it.I haven’t been back to the doctor for muscle spasms since I started using it.You have to take more of it than you would a prescription medication, but the effect is exactly right. Taken following the instructions, it relaxes my muscles to reduce muscle spasms but won’t put you to sleep.We now take a few of these after working in the garden or doing anything else that could cause us to wake up stiff and sore. Since I have used these, I have not had to visit the doctor again for muscle spasms in my back. It makes a great preventive for muscle stiffness. I also find that it helps me relax and get to sleep and I take it occasionally for that.I tried to tell my doctor about these, but he cut me off in midsentence, assuming I was going to say they didn’t work. So it went something like this:Doctor, I have been taking this Formula 303 muscle relaxant that has magnesium and valerian root and….. (he cuts me off here)Doctor says…… and of course that didn’t work you.And I then corrected him…… No, they work great, much better than the medications because I don’t fall asleep.Doctor waves hands and ignores me and starts talking about something else.So sad the mainstream medical community is so obsessed with pharmaceuticals when they are not necessary for a lot of things.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I will never be without this product EVER again! A couple of months ago I had horrific sciatic pain that originated with the piriformis muscle in my rear end. I have never in life felt pain like this. I couldn’t sit, stand, lay down, or move without excruciating pain. My doctor gave me prescription muscle relaxers that did absolutely nothing. For two weeks I tried everything – prescription meds, heat packs, ice packs, every over the counter pill imaginable. I finally made an appointment with a chiropractor and her massage therapist. The massages were the most excruciating hours of my life, but they helped. They would relax the piriformis muscle for a couple of hours but a few hours later it would tense back up and put pressure on my sciatic nerve again. There was not one position that would help. Sleeping for more than an hour or two each night was impossible. I seriously had no idea what I was going to to. And I was starting a new job shortly that would require walking around a major university campus.I asked my chiropractor if there was anything she could recommend and she gave me these. I admit, I laughed out loud. There was no way these herbal muscle relaxants were going to work. But hey, at this point I was willing to try just about anything. So I took two. And I followed the instructions on the bottle to take 2 every 3 hours. I took the first dose after my later afternoon appointment. That night I was able to sleep for the first time in weeks. I woke up the next morning and I was able to function again. I could take a shower and get ready for work without having to stop every 30 seconds and lay on my bed. There was still some soreness, but no where near the shooting pains that I had been feeling for weeks. I was amazed. People I worked with who has been watching the agony for two weeks were amazed. I mean, could these really have worked? I immediately found the bottle of 250 online and ordered one. I kept taking 2 every three hours for a couple of weeks. These days I usually take 2 in the morning and 2 at night, although some days I do forget. I know I’m probably going to deal with sciatic pain forever, but I can honestly say that these have been a god send. If I begin to feel more sciatic discomfort I will go back to taking extra doses for a day or so and it goes away. This typically only happens if I miss taking them daily (morning and evening). There was on afternoon I was getting out of my car and suddenly felt the same pain from a few months ago. Walking around loosened the muscle but I was terrified I was in for the weeks of pain. I immediately took Formula 303 and the pain from a few months ago never materialized.I know it might not work for everyone. But I have told everyone I know about Formula 303. Believe me, I never thought they would be the answer but I am so happy they are! I can only attest to them for the sciatic pain I had, but I can honestly say to give them a try!

  8. D Marquis

    I struggled for over a year getting a decent night’s sleep. I had Ambien for awhile and it worked great and then my doctor told me that Ambien was contra indicated for folks over 65. I looked into it and it appears there was a lawsuit involving an older person who still had to work and needed to be up early in the morning. There was an accident and she still had Ambien in her system and made the mistake of trying to avoid blame buy noting the Ambien. Too bad for all of us. My doctor prescribed a couple of different drugs and they worked but left me feeling drugged and hung over the next day. Most of the over the counter supplements contain Benadryl which has its own set of problems.This supplement was suggested by my wife’s chiropractor as a muscle relaxer. She got it and said that it worked and so I tried it and it worked wonderfully for me. I will caution you though. It SEEMS that if I take it every day it builds up in my system and I am relaxed all the time. I can’t really get up and get going, nor do I want to. The bottle says if used for a sleep aid, take two at dinner and two before bed. Yikes, that would be good if you want to sleep while travelling to the moon or Australia. I started by taking two every night and it worked great. When I discovered what I think is a build up and a constant unwanted mellow, I dropped down to one per night. Occasionally adding the second if needed.

  9. Theo Nightingale

    Salvation for spasms and pain ~ I was first offered this product through my chiropractor after I’d had a horrible car accident and I have continued to use Formula 303 for over 15 years with great relief. It’s strong without interfering with daily chores and responsibilities ~ and without the often-distressing secondary effects of prescription drugs. I recommend the product often and people who have used it are very pleased. I am very grateful that Formula 303 is available online since my chiropractor has retired. Please keep this available! Thank you.

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